Let Maryland Martial Arts Take The Stress Out Of Starting School!

With the 2020 school year quickly approaching, virtual learning is becoming our "new normal." At Maryland Martial Arts, we are here to take the new school year stress off your hands! If your child is participating in virtual learning, let us help! We're proud to offer families around the Cockeysville, Timonium, and Towson areas with Remote Learning Childcare. 

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How Does Remote Learning Childcare Work?

Maryland Martial Arts is an MSDE licensed childcare provider, so you don't have to worry that your child is being well taken care of! Each day we will ensure that your child participates in their virtual learning programs in a safe and clean environment. We have planned breaks to give your child time to safely socialize with other classmates. Our instructors are eager and excited to plan after school games and crafts to keep you child active all day!

And the best part? Your child will still feel a sense of community, even with online school!

For our instructors, safety is our TOP priority. Below are just a few of the precautions are we taking to keep your family safe: 

  • Parent’s must drop off and pick up their child at the door to prevent contamination of the facility.
  • Children’s temperatures will be checked when entering the facility. If your child has a fever beyond 98.8, they will not be permitted to attend that day.
  • Children’s belongings (Backpack/Lunch boxes) will be sterilized with a UV sterilization wand upon entering the facility.
  • Children must wash their hands upon entering the facility and regularly throughout the day with soap and water.
  • If your child shows any signs of illness, parent’s will be contacted to pick up the child.
  • Social Distancing and small group policies are exercised by having 9 children to a room.
  • We clean and sterilize all table, chairs, high-touch surfaces, toys, etc throughout the day.
  • Mask must be brought and worn throughout the day. We recommend that each student bring two mask per day.
  • While participating in remote learning, students will be seated six feet apart in a quiet and clean area. Student’s are required to bring Laptops and Earphones daily.
  • Students are required to bring their own snacks and lunches for the day. Food and drinks must not be shared.

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