Give Your Child The Best Chance To Stay Active And Build Confidence In Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Right Here In Timonium

Every parent wants the best for their child. Whether your goal is to improve your child's strength, coordination, confidence, and leadership skills, or simply teach them the value of working towards achievable goals, Maryland Martial Arts' Kids Martial Arts program can help your child along their journey.

We're helping students of all ages and ability levels across Timonium discover a passion for martial arts, and we'd love for you to come in and talk about how we can touch your child's life.

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Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Have Something For Everyone

From day one, our priority is to help our students develop physically as well as emotionally. We want to teach important life skills in a fun, supportive environment.

Your child will have the opportunity to engage with other students and learn how to:
  • Focus & control their attention
  • Build important conflict-resolution skills
  • Practice self-discipline & respect for others
  • Set and achieve attainable goals

Our Kids Martial Arts classes are engineered to help students at home, in the classroom, and even into adulthood. We don't expect Timonium to be full of elite competitive martial artists in ten or twenty years! We want to help your child integrate with their community and learn the art of self-betterment.

We Offer Fun Activities That Teach Important Lessons

Many parents think that our Kids Martial Arts classes are just about punching and kicking, when in reality they're so much more. We work with each student individually in a dynamic environment so classes are never boring and students always feel supported as they work towards their goals.

Our mission is to offer students all over Timonium & Cockeysville access to:
  • Effective strategies for bully prevention
  • Lifelong habits of physical fitness
  • Instruction on cool martial arts moves
  • The confidence they need to face any challenge

We offer fun activities that teach important lessons & break our classes up into 2 age groups to make sure that your child is training at the right pace and amongst their peers! Enroll in our Little Ninja class for kids between 4 & 6 to help develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Once your child reaches the 6 year old threshold, they transition to our Youth Martial Arts program for kids between the ages of 6 &12. This class focuses on non-violent conflict resolution, developing self-confidence and respect, and is designed to ensure that your child learns quickly and effectively.

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